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❝ A girl has needs sometimes, and many of them are video games. ❞
cygnahime, speaking truth (via starcrossed-sky)
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The Thurifer, Owler, The Palace Guard, The Archer, & Gwyn | Graphite on Moleskine, 12” x 16 1/2”, 2013.

A collection of various ladyknights and wanderers I’ve drawn.


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Blaze - exist†trace

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People who don't wear glasses: I wish I wore glasses.
People who wear glasses: No.
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This is a good reason to always carry sidewalk chalk in the car.

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Anonymous asked: What's your major in college?



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All social change is speculative fiction because we’ve never seen a world without poverty, never seen a world with total equality, never seen a world without prisons…therefore activism IS speculative fiction, it’s visionary fiction because we are writing a world we’ve never seen but a world we’d like to live in.

It’s hard and unapologetic but it’s hopeful because it can cause us to move; it wakes up and shows us that change is possible.

— a quote from AN EVENING WITH OCTAVIA’S (Butler) BROOD, as summarized by author Crystal Connor (via Balogun Ojetade, blackspeculativefiction)