July 23rd
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The Great Pyramids of Giza, as you’ve never seen them before — at the edge of a sprawling metropolis and the vast desert.

This breaks my heart. 

Why? It’s a living country, not a museum. Is the Egyptians accomplishment diminished because the site is not in the middle of nowhere? Where do you imagine the builders lived anyway?

The city has been there for a long time. The people taking pictures just always have their backs to it. It’s a good illusion.

July 23rd
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purple skeleton going the extra mile.

July 23rd
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July 23rd
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You just created a potato golem to fight a dragon. He’s gonna get fried.


-rouge to artificer using a custom golem creating device that uses the most abundant material in range. In a potato store house.

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July 23rd
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i heard the funniest time travel joke tomorrow

July 23rd
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i’d be the worst PR-manager ever
my client would be like “there are rumours going around that i’m a gay satanist” and i’d be like “hahaha awesome”

July 22nd
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the #1 worst thing about tumblr, hands down, is seeing a personal post get tons of notes and then some stranger is in your face talking about how what you wrote about your own life doesn’t apply to them and how dare you imply xyz or whatever

like you can literally say “i personally have experienced this and this is me writing about my personal experiences” and a hundred notes later someone is calling you an asshole for erasing their experiences

July 22nd
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we are gonna get so friendmarried

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July 22nd
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Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. [x]

July 22nd
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Jacob Taylor, patron saint of heavy pistols, beleaguered sighs and disbelieving head shakes.

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