I will never understand


why social media folks insist upon “improving” their sites without input or consideration to the users. I see my developer friends so this all the time.  They claim “it makes more sense this way!” but that’s only if your brain thinks like a coder.  What is intuitive to your mind isn’t intuitive to others.  sleeker buttons to not a better site make. i mean, how would you feel if someone came in your house and moved all your furniture around without your permission, and then insisted it was for your own good?

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    THIS ^
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    I will never understand I am a “coder” and honestly, this Tumblr makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. It would be fine if you...
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    I concur. App + messages would be good.
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    Yep! Tumblr, if you’d asked, I think you could improve the following: multifaceted/advanced tag AND content search just...
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    I’m just mad that they hid my ask notifications. I do generally enjoy a sleeker look, but some user input would have...
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    What squee-gee said, but it applies to all web sites, really and truly. Unless otherwise stated, a site is generally for...
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    I woke up this morning and my immediate reaction was “WHAT IS THIS SHIT”
  13. rodmanstreet said: agreed. I don’t understand why they don’t, say, look at the popular extensions, like missing-e, to see what people want. There are ways of finding out what your users want
  14. anedumacationisnomore said: THSI THIS THIS FUCKING THIS OH MY GOD THIS I am jumping up and down on my bed screaming right now. code rage