"Very soon you will be watching pair figure skating with the same sex. Silence is acceptance and the church has not stood up enough."

Commentary from reader Gerald Brewster, on Fox News’ Facebook post, “Breaking news: Federal appeals court rules California’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.”

The only thing worse than gay marriage is gay figure skating. Stand up for traditional figure skating values!

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Canadian Lesbian Couple Forced to Fill Out Separate Customs Forms




A married Vancouver couple say they’re less likely to travel to the U.S. after being told to fill out separate customs forms.

Not only have Karen-Marie and Andrina Perry been married for three years, they also live together and have the same last name. Yet on a recent trip to the United States, the women were instructed to fill out separate customs forms because they are not recognized as a family in America.

On past visits Andrina has completed one form for the two of them, but as they approached U.S. Customs at Vancouver International Airport July 28, the travelers were told they needed separate forms and that they would not be permitted to go through U.S. Customs together.

Instructions on the form read, “Each arriving traveler or responsible family member must provide the following information (only one written declaration per family is required).” But a spokeswoman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act prohibits recognition of same-sex couples.

“I was very angry,” Karen-Marie told  Xtra!  She added that she considered turning around and going home.

“It’s one more thing on top of all of the additional security measures and screenings and things that just make you question if it’s even worth it anymore,” she said. “And we want to be somewhere where we feel safe and can be a family.”

In the continuing adventures of “Why Marriage Equality Shouldn’t/Can’t Be A ‘States’ Issue.”




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"When a couple registers for a marriage license they are supposed to wait 24 hours before actually getting married. This is illegal and criminal."

NY State Sen. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) stating his opposition to NY’s Marriage Equality Act. What happened was, couple who wanted to get married on Sunday were granted a waiver to the 24-hour wait period between obtaining a license and holding a ceremony.

Diaz sees this as a criminal act and not just a procedural technicality which was officially put aside for one day. Criminal.

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[first panel: Jon reaching pick up a ringing phone. second panel: Jon holding the phone away from his ear, as a very loud “JON!” emits from it third panel: Jon is still holding the phone at a distance, with this dialogue taking place. J: “Hi Stephen. Let me guess, this is about the New York Senate’s latest vote.” S: “So you heard! They’re shoving same-sex marriage down New Yorker’s throats! You’ll have to find a dude to get married to ASAP!” fourth panel: Jon looks exasperated. J: “That’s not how it works, Stephen.” S: “…it isn’t?” J: “No. All this means is that people who want to get married will now be allowed. Nobody’s going to be forced into it. Is that all? Or are there any other ridiculous things you’re panicking about?” S: “Uh…. no.” fifth panel: Stephen in a wedding dress, next to a wedding cake with two groom toppers, holding a ring in an open presentation box. S: “I’m not… panicking… any more.”]

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Poor Stephen. :(


In 2009, moments after Senator James S. Alesi, a Republican, voted against gay marriage, he received a one-word text from a Democratic colleague, Senator Diane J. Savino, who represents parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

“Why?” she asked.

On June 13, a few hours after Mr. Alesi had declared his intention to reverse himself and vote for the bill this year, he received a new text from Ms. Savino.

“Thank you.”



[Photo of a man in a white lab coat in front of a chalk board. The chalk board reads: Some people say that allowing gays to marry will destroy the sanctity of marriage. That’s like saying marriage was cool until other people got to do it. So essentially, those people are marriage hipsters. There might be a solid law-based argument behind their belief, but it’s pretty scarce and we haven’t heard of it. Below the photo is the text “File under: You Would Think They’d Be Behind Gay Marriage, After All, It’s Just As Organic”]

My grandchildren will be asking me in 2081: “Why was there a debate on gay marriage?”

I’ll respond: “Because people were idiots. Go enjoy your date with the robot.”

Congratulations, New York. Six and D.C. down. Forty-four to go.

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[If you don’t like gay marriage, blame straight people. They’re the ones who keep having gay babies.]