You call it being politically correct, I call it not being an asshole all the god damn time.

Happy Holidays: Because I don’t know you, I don’t know your life


and odds are you got something nice to look forward to around November & December


if not I apologize


The thing is, it’s called “political correctness” because it is, in fact, correct. The most popular example, the one about “Merry Christmas” being changed to “Happy Holidays”–we say “Happy Holidays” because it’s correct. People are celebrating like six different holidays by the end of December. Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Kwanza, New Years, etc. Of course you can still say Merry Christmas (I still tell people)–but if you’re talking to someone who’s not celebrating because of Christmas it simply isn’t accurate. And on a deeper level, it is erasure. I’m not offended by Merry Christmas any more than I would be by Happy Hanukkah (unless you just assume I’m of either religion)–but that is because I am celebrating nothing in December, and I’m not expressing my religious identity through any of these holidays. Consequently I am solely on the receiving end of best wishes, and returning respective best wishes appropriately.

“Well how the hell am I supposed to know?” you demand.

Happy Holidays.


Politically Correct | the fatal feminist (via regazzadilupoinverno)

Yeah, ultimately the only reason there’s a “War on Christmas” is because Christians are fighting for their “right” to be considered the default in America.


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if you say this i am pretty sure i never want to associate with you ever 

PC is this buzzword used to invalidate and silence and derail any argument about oppression ever 

it makes social justice out to be some wacky fad that all the cool kids are into, and you’re being rebellious by not falling into the peer pressure or whatever

when actually it is the opposite, fucking no one likes you when you promote social justice. in fact you get a lot of shit for it! but for some reason people like to pretend that you’re in the majority if you’re committed to social justice

and politically correct is the worst fucking term, not just because it’s dismissive, but because it narrows down the whole social justice spectrum to this idea that it’s about being polite instead of about dismantling the oppressive social structure of power

fun fact when you actively avoid being “PC” you’re not being forward-thinking or unique. you’re buying into systems of oppression that have existed since before you were even born, and you’re keeping those systems in place, and you’re fucking hurting people 

you’re willfully shutting them out with the dismissal that they’re just being fucking PC instead of trying to take control over shit that hurts them, and you, and fucking everyone 

so fuck you if you believe that ~political correctness~ is a great fucking evil you’re vanquishing by continuing to be an oppressive douchefuck

an open letter to all the douches who complain about things being “too pc”:



shut. the fuck. up. oppressed and marginalized people and their allies telling you it is unacceptable to demean and erase and whitewash and delegitimize us is not “political correctness”, or “people being oversensitive”, or whatever other bigoted fucking horseshit you feel like dribbling on us from your inflamed, pustule-ridden assholes.

it is oppressed and marginalized people telling you it is unacceptable to demean and erase and whitewash and delegitimize us. if you can’t appreciate the difference between ~*~*pc whining*~*~ (which is not a thing) and people trying to make a somewhat more level playing field between privileged people and marginalized people, then you are a douchebag. the end.


no one wants to be offended, no one looks to be offended, it is actually a pretty unpleasant feeling to engage in something like fandom as some temporary escapism and find it laden with the issues you are, you know, trying to get a break from. people from all walks of life do occasionally like to partake in fandom stuff, and if you are saying hateful ass shit and being told that it’s hurtful then shouting down WELL YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN AND JUST SHUT UP SO EVERYONE CAN HAVE FUN!

guess what. IF SOMEONE IS ASKING YOU TO STOP BEING A JACKASS, THEY ARE NOT HAVING FUN.  they are not going to have fun no matter how many times you the almighty lord, savior, and authority on what is and isn’t offensive to other people tell them to calm down. if you are spewing slurs because you think it’s so kawaii funny XD and don’t even have the basic human decency and respect for other people to at least not do that shit around someone who is bothered, then you are a big stinky asshole and that is that.



the term “politically correct” is such a damn derailing term

almost every single time i see it used it’s in the context of “lol you’re overreacting therefore you’re being too PC thus irrational and silly we can stop listening to you now”

“political correctness” as a tool is about as annoying as people who accuse others of playing “the race card”

please don’t expect to be taken seriously in proper discussions of oppression if you rely on either of these terms



As it’s commonly used, “PC” is a deliberately imprecise expression (just try finding or writing a terse, precise definition) because its objective isn’t to communicate a substantive idea, but simply to sneer and snivel about the linguistic and cultural burdens of treating all people with the respect and sensitivity with which they wish to be treated. Thus, the Herculean effort required to call me “Asian American” rather than “chink” is seen as a concession to “the PC police”, an unsettling infringement on the free-wheeling conversation of, I suppose, “non-chinks”. Having to refer to black folks as “African Americans” rather than various historically-prevalent epithets surely strikes some red-blooded blue-balled white-men as a form of cultural oppression. Having to refer to “women” rather than “bitches” lays a violent buzzkill on the bar-room banter of men preoccupied with beating on their chests and off other body parts.

Obviously these examples fall on the simplistic side of things, but I think they illustrate the shaky philosophical foundation of today’s usage. Underlying every complaint of “PC” is the absurd notion that members of dominant mainstream society have been victimized by an arbitrarily hypersensitive prohibition against linguistic and cultural constructions that are considered historical manifestations of bigotry. It’s no coincidence that “PC”-snivelers are for the most part white men who are essentially saying, “Who the hell do these marginalized groups think they are to tell me how I should or shouldn’t portray them? I’m not going to say ‘mentally challenged’ when it’s my right to say ‘retard’, goshdarnit there’s only so much abuse I’ll take!”

In this context, the conceit that “political correctness” constitutes a violation of free speech is particularly zany; as though society’s marginalized groups wield oppressive power over the dominant mainstream. Actually, as far as I’m concerned you’re free to call me “chink” and I’m free to call you “moronic racist loser” (and more if necessary, but I’ll leave that aside for now in the interest of false civility). Free speech is the straw man of choice for intellectual bums of all stripes too fragile and vacuous for critical engagement. Calling someone who says or does bigoted things “a bigot” isn’t censorious, it’s descriptively accurate, like calling a bad movie “a bad movie”, even if the bigot didn’t intend to come off as bigoted and the movie didn’t intend to come off as bad.


Kai Chang, “The Greatest Cliché: The Unexamined Propaganda of ‘Political Correctness’” (via wamsise-jamgee)

It’s funny running into snippets of my own writing circulating on tumblr. My reaction is usually something like, dude, chill out, me.

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I know.  It’s like hearing your voice on tape for the first time. 

It’s still excellent writing, though. 

Another variant on this definition of “free speech” is the idea that the establishment clause actually represents anti-Christian persecution. 

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"When you complain about political correctness, we hear “Man, if only we were still back in the good ol’ days, when I could stomp all over other people with impunity!” That’s what you really mean, so why not just come right out and say it? Own your selfishness and sadism. And when people hurt you back, or take legal action against you, or call you selfish or a bully or any number of other names, own that too, because you’ve earned it. Have the courage of your convictions. Don’t downplay them, rationalize them, or pretend that you’re the aggrieved party — because no matter how you try to paint yourself as a brave crusader against the thought police, or the innocent victim of the anti-bigotry hordes, nobody’s buying it, except maybe your fellow whiners. Everybody else just thinks you’re stupid and a coward, on top of being selfish and sadistic."

"What I think the political correctness debate is really about is the power to be able to define. The definers want the power to name. And the defined are now taking that power away from them."

— Toni Morrison (via restoried)
"While we’re at it, can we stop trivializing decency in discourse by labeling it ‘political correctness’? Avoiding discriminatory and hurtful language isn’t some partisan posture. It’s just a basic step in not being a dickhead. Characterizing black men as rapists of white women isn’t a daring rebellion against oppressive thought police, it’s just racist."

Evolution, rape, ovulation, and how to get your opinions labeled “Science.” | Holly, The Pervocracy

THANK YOU for so perfectly articulating why the current use of the phrase “politically correct” drives my ass up the fucking wall! 

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